Visit exciting Lake Seminole,
because unmatched natural beauty and adventure await you.

Welcome to Lake Seminole, an area that offers something for everyone — sightseeing, adventure, world-class fishing, and more. The lake itself covers 37,000 acres, created in 1957 as a COE reservoir where the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers meet.

It’s an angler’s dream, with many fish species in almost every imaginable terrain and water condition. The lake is renowned for its Largemouth Bass, and in fact, Bassmasters includes Lake Seminole as a location of preference.

Every autumn, the lake is a little-known gem for hunting waterfowl, especially geese!

But whatever you’re into, whether you’re looking for an ideal vacation or looking to relocate, Lake Seminole is a great choice. There’s more to Lake Seminole than fishing, as you may well have heard.

Come find out more by exploring this site, then come explore Lake Seminole!

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There are 10 state parks along the lakeshore, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, twenty additional locally-maintained parks, and five campgrounds.

Nearby is the Spanish mission San Carlos de los Chacatos, established in 1674, occupied until the 1800s, and rediscovered in 1948 during archaeological work during the lake’s construction.

Four museums sit nearby, and Lake Seminole is only two hours from famed Panama City Beach and an hour from urban shopping and dining in capital city Tallahassee.

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